Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mansion Pics..

When it's summer and you want
to have the cottage experience without
going to an actual cottage, you visit one
of the million public beaches in Finland.

It was 21C in the shadows, just very
pretty and summery. Not a person
in sight! It was totally dead. Everyone was
getting hammered in the restaurant lol.

Looking pretty!

Beach, you can see the baby duck with his mom.

DANNY everyone!

Yep...THAT Danny. I used to torture Spenser
with this song for like ages when we first got 
married LOL.

I think I covered those flowers from every
angle minus me getting IN the boat lol.

Dragonfly art on the old pier. Pretty cool.

It says trash angel, interesting.

Kickin' it old school lol!

We were entertained by these little baby ducks! :)

Interesting way to advert! :)

We had a nice time out and about yesterday! :)

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