Saturday, July 8, 2017

Around the house...

I've been offline most of this week, you can
tell via the autoblog pictures :). It's not been 
bad, still resting up and getting over 
infectious IBD :/.  It is somewhat better but
aggravated by my hormones.

I was sewing! I found this lovely 
shirt some weeks back but it
was a bit tight and immodest. It
was a steal at 3 euros.

It had good bones though. I've been wanting to
get back into sewing and fixing garments because being
my size here, it's hard to find  CUTE stuff in plus sizes. 
Especially affordable stuff.

So I read up here and there online, found some good links. I
was going to add to the shirt on the sides and underarms.

I found this kids shirt on sale half off
for .65 cents at Viiri. It was PERFECT and matched
the t shirt fabric as well! I've used much of it and still
have some leftover for other patch jobs I'm sure will come up.

I cut out the existing seams and cut 2 3 inch fabric
pieces for either side. I also put in a bit
of a modesty panel too. A couple days later...

DONE! :) You can see the panel I
added here. It fits perfectly. The shirt doesn't
cling to my boobs or stomach so bad now. 

I was like "ugh" about my underarms in this 
picture but that's what my last pregnancy did to me. It's
never really gone down so hey, it's part of me. :) That's the 
body of someone on a bunch of steroids trying not to croak lol.

And I'm fine with that :). Love yourself as you are!

I do love Spenser somehow had the beauty setting on so
my underarm fat looks LIT lol.

SO much more comfortable and cute. I LOVE LOVE
this shirt. It'll be a favorite since it's long
and very comfortable. :) I like soft fabrics. :) It was
a good project and I quite enjoyed doing it while Spenser 
biked to the local coffee shop and hung out there for a bit. 

Amazing what you can get done watching ww2 in Color
documentaries lol.

So that was most of my week fixing that. I did get off
my rear and clean for Sabbath, the entire bathroom (minus
the ewy shower), and dustmopped/shook rugs. It was nice
to clean up.

FINALLY we got the drain fixed downstairs. The
guy must of worked on it for about 5 hours, he did
a great job and now we have a fully functioning washing
machine! :) I put in a load tonight since everyone
is gone or asleep, and it doesn't hurt to get r done lol.

I've been cooking here and there, but we ate a bunch
of microwave stuff this week off and on since I'm
still not feeling 100%. Spenser isn't either.

No real other news to talk about. I am giving
up the ghost and buying 3 minute Uncle Ben's
takes forever the way we like it and just..meh. It's kind of
expensive but we'll probably eat more of it. Soo...that's 
good news for more stir frys, etc.

We had a date day out, it was nice :) Coffee deal
in the morning and we used our last (sniff) Hesburger
coupon for lunch. Did some grocery shopping and I 
got 3 cheapo tanks half off for more fabric at the thrift
store today.

Also mud cakes were on sale half off...those didn't end up
in my freezer ;) lol 

So that's been about it here this week. I have the last week of 
Porvoo pics for next week to set up still.

Hope y'all are having a good evening or afternoon or 
morning out there! :) 


  1. Congrats for the new blouse/top! You did a really good job! :-) It is so fulfilling to get something like that done, isn't it? First finding something that is adjustable and then making your vision into reality :-) Double score!

    1. Thanks! I am loving it, won't quit wearing it lol! :D I appreciate that, thanks! :)

      It is! I am having fun sewing! Seems I caught your bug lol! Sorry for not getting you a snail mail letter out yet! Antti and I are sick again.

      Thanks! :D


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