Monday, July 3, 2017

Around the house...

Stockmann side of Jumbo. We hang
out here sometimes, it has air conditioning :) lol
We hung out here quite a bit on the weekend,
it was nice. Sunday we got out and had
coffee and Hesburger. It was MUCH needed
that day. 

We checked out the biggest escalator in Finland!
This was pretty terrifying...I don't like heights.

HUGE. I can't describe the INSANE magnitude of
this tunnel near the airport.  We checked this out

Today has been good but tiring on many
levels. Spenser had a rough night, so did I :/. I was so
tired I just laid in bed until we got showers and headed
out this morning for his therapy and some running.

We can't make doctor's appointments in July and
until the middle of August because Finland is on a break. You
have to wait at the day clinic. So that puts me off for
a couple months from getting another cortisone shot in
my foot. My plantar F is back :/. 

Wasn't the news I wanted to hear but she listed
it in my file and I can go back if I need to.  At least
we know how it works now! Website could be better, I'll
just say that lol :).

We headed to Jumbo. We had mcDonalds and then
the morning coffee deal, sat inside at Coffee House and enjoyed
our peace and quiet. Lots of babies!

We went to Citymarket and got some food on sale
and snacks. On therapy day, there is no dieting. It's
candy galore LOL :D 

We checked out and headed over to Spenser's
therapy appointment. It went well.

I noticed at Coffee House my shoe is broken :(

Somehow the leather snapped off and only
the inside fabric is holding my shoe together. That
won't work since Finland is wet all the time and all. Meh...
MEH to everything keeps busting lol!

The car barely started so that was given a bunch of
prayer today.  The starter must be acting up or something.

We went to Viiri and I found SHOES. I had
prayed that God would show me a good sale and all :D He

They felt comfortable though I haven't tried them
on for super long. I got them half off for .50 cents :0).
They're in the freezer for 24 hours killing whatever
is going on in them lol!

PUMA...for .50 cents! :D God is good! :)

We headed over to Bargain Basement and God
blessed us with some more great deals!

I got both of these off the same rack at 70% off! I found
a 4x winter henley shirt for .30 cents! :) It fits me great. The .15
cent shirt is perfect size for Spenser, his favorite shirt died and
this feels the about the same way.

LOL the check out guy was like WHOA that's cheap. God is good! :)

I also found a smaller cheap shirt to help me make a shirt I 
bought bigger. I have some many projects lined up y'all.

So we went to Tokmanni and got some bread half off, and came home.

I cleaned the porch off from poo and fed Sofie and Festus. I heard they
like oranges so I put out some. Sof liked it a bit but prefers bread.

Festus ate some orange..

Then left a trail of fresh terds ALL ALONG THE

He was looking at me and running away while
Spenser and I figure that's a no go on oranges for these farts lol. 

Oh well, 'tis interesting to try!

I was in full clean up poo mode, sigh. :P 

I did a load of laundry today and we had microwave
meals for supper, so it's been a  LONG but good day.

Now for pics of Stevie when he was hoarding away bread.

He's a cute little goober :)

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