Monday, June 26, 2017

Porvoo Pictures...First of many in Old Town..

Last night I spent almost two
hours editing the rest of the 
pictures! :)

After we walked down the Castle Hill there
was a snapshot of the Old Town! :)

That is the smaller hill, it has a nice house and some
other stuff. We didn't check it out. 

I will never complain about hills at home again lol! GREAT
for sledding I bet though :D

Some river, really pretty.

Pigeon conference!

You can see the back of Castle Hill. We used an easy
access path :).

Up close of the smaller hill. The bathrooms were
to the right and pretty gross. I used the mens while
 Spenser stood guard. It's bad when the guys bathroom
is cleaner!

Beautiful bridge! :)

So many little paths and alleys here.

People live in these as well as businesses. There
is NO parking so it's interesting :) lol 

You can tell it's an old fishing village.

Pretty! :)

More buildings...

Really nice old guy, he was like UGH biking on cobblestone.
This is a place to wear sensible shoes, you'll die in
high heels. 

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