Monday, June 19, 2017

Local Wildlife...

A couple weeks ago we had Bullfinches show up!
Super cute! :)

Squirrels are running around the trees like crazy
here, it's SUPER cute. I haven't seen that in a couple
years and I've missed it a bunch!

Our local male Sparrow. Lordy he's loud but
gorgeous bird! :) 

Our resident Hedgehog was looking for bugs! He
is HUGE, at least 2 kilos! That's the 'scratching'
noise we hear against the porch!

Aw, baby Stevie! Look at those squirrel pants! He's
going to be HUGE, look at those paws!

Sofie doing MUCH better. Thanks for all
your prayers again! Her eye is pretty much
back to normal minus being a bit weird colored.

She sits a bit weird still but she's pretty
healed up. Her paw is functional and her ear
healed well!

She was getting reprieve from Festus bugging
her today lol. 

Below is a picture of how bad her eye was 
a couple weeks ago.  It's graphic a bit so
if you want to scroll down you can. She is
SO much better!

We would of taken her to the zoo hospital
if we could catch her but she is a strong
squirrel and a fighter. No way we'd
catch her!

*click to enlargen if you want to*

You can see how swollen and painful it was
here. She didn't seem to be in pain and had
(still does!) a very healthy appetite and lots
of energy!

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