Friday, June 23, 2017

Haven't blogged because I'm sick...

I haven't blogged the past week because
I got Norovirus last Friday. Charcoal tablets
are pretty awesome, only reason I didn't barf.

So queue that night up with 4 hours of insomnia
just laying on the couch hoping not to barf/crap my
pants. It wasn't a fun weekend, that's for sure. Thankfully
felt good enough to Skype on Father's Day and then got the
poops again a couple days after that.

So yesterday we're at the mall and getting stuff
around for Midsummer. I get sweaty/crampy...GOTTA POOP.
Someone had pooed in the bidet sink...AHHHH! EW! I hadn't
noticed it until after I had done my business.

I held the tp under the faucet so it didn't ever touch but
GOOD LORD that's nasty. 

(In Finland public bathrooms have bidet sinks, like small sinks
with a hand held sprayer attached. You can use this to rinse
but I never do, because who knows what cooter or butt crack
the public sprayer has been in.)

So that was wonderful :/ Then I had to go again, sigh. I'm
doing better but I feel very tired still and bloated. I did
use a different bathroom lol.

I read it's like post infection IBS or whatever. Sounds
about right.

I'm still battling it a week after (in 2007 we got Norovirus
and it took 3 weeks for me to get back to normal) so I haven't
felt up to snuff. I've been just doing laundry and dishes, minimal stuff.

Hope y'all have a good Midsummer out there, and free of
sinky poo.

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