Sunday, June 11, 2017

Around the house.../Elfvik from a couple weeks back...

I love the old windows! :)

We had honestly a quiet week and it was nice. First
down week (aka no appointments or stuff like that) 
in probably a month or two. 

I just enjoyed napping and all. I'm getting used to
my progesterone birth control. I'm still crampy though
but hopefully it cuts it down some. 

Nothing super extremely interesting has happened lol!
I have been feeding the squirrels, doing laundry, and dishes!

Next week I have 3 appointments so it'll be busy for sure.

I will share these pictures, really pretty!

This was really nice.

tee hee...

The inside..I tried to photograph this last time
but there was a bunch of people in it.

LOVE IT. I love stained glass! :) 

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