Friday, June 30, 2017

Around the house...

That nice feeling when you change the 
tablecloth and dustmop, it just looks cleaner :D.

Hope y'all out there have had a good week!

STILL getting over the Norovirus stuff. It's more
just a stupid intestinal issue these days thankfully but
still kind of aggravating. Spenser was wondering is it my
new pills but then he got it, so nope!

We've had a good but pretty quiet-ish week. Not much
really stands out. I'm doing laundry and taking trash, 
cooking here and there as I feel up to.

My plantar issues are coming back with a vengeance...soon
it'll be time for another shot I guess :/. 

Anyways, onto housework and other stuff.

I am TIRED of clutter. Now that we have a bigger space, we're 
having more clutter here and there. I took a couple
bags downstairs and I was trying to figure where to hang
our not-very-often used other rack for the oven.

God gave me a good idea! :D WHOO! Slowly here and there
I am hoping to declutter a bit more. I mean this 
apartment will always be messy to some degree, that's how
it is :).

I was washing dishes when I noticed part of our counter
was rising up, had an "oh crap" moment.

Not the best thing you want to see on a 6 month old 
counter top. We can't take it off since that'd leave us
kitchenless and I'm not on fire washing dishes and cooking
with  Yenta ever again.

So I did the Georgia fix...

It works just fine! It matches our backsplash LOL!

At some point we'll get it fixed but heavens, the stuff
to fix on the house are just racking up. Midroof door is still
held down by a bag of fertilizer, bucket still under the
drain downstairs, no working toilet downstairs. The list 
keeps piling up.

This house is just old. 30 years old next year and it shows. It
needs so much work. I'm thankful for our place and all...but it's
just becoming too much house for us to deal with.

So that was fun and interesting times lol.

Thankfully all aligned today and we got out
for an early restock! Spenser's been having 
bad anxiety with the intestinal flu and I'm just about
burnt out with life right now :P   Homegirl needs a break!

Jumbo went well. I went to Prisma first and bought
ALOT of stuff, mostly pantry items. Went to Citymarket
and while having a nice time talking with the clerk, he
charged me for 6 bolognas instead of the 2 I bought. Good news..
I bought a bunch of stuff on sale so I guess it rounded out to what
would of been the normal price :/ lol. 

We went to Lidl next, it was SO busy in all places. I have
no idea why, but in all the stores everything was stocked
so that made me happy! :) Went to the pharmacy last
and it went well, minus steroid ear drops are STILL 
nowhere in sight in Finland. We have NONE in stock
in the entire country. That's pretty funky.

Came home and unloaded everything, put away cold stuff
and then headed out again. Went to Viiri where I found
a cute shirt, a bag, and some cheapo thread.


We went to Tokmanni next, got some stuff on
sale and then went and had a coffee. It was a nice trip out today,
but I'm absolutely tired. It was over 6 hours! 

So hopefully I'll rest up tomorrow. It's Sabbath anyways and
outside of some laundry, no plans for anything. I washed dishes
tonight. :)

Hope y'all out there have a great weekend! :)

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