Monday, June 26, 2017

Around the house...

hey blogger folks...

I'm still washing laundry using
the bucket for drainage. It's been like
two weeks, meh lol. :P

I'm feeling better but am still having spastic bowel kind
of bad. I think Noro aggravated it and then I'm ovulating
and on PMS so yeah..not so awesome. I'm taking Precosa and
trying to balance that with my fiber supplements to help
soften up my BMs...another summer..another butt trouble lol.

If that was TMI...then you must be new to the blog lol.

Today has been busy for me. I finally got
up enough gumption to cook. I made
a massive batch of chicken soup, homemade pizza,
and side veges for nuggets and fishsticks. 

I did some laundry and after two years found Spenser's
missing shorts! They were a gift from my parents so
in my typical Aspie way, I'm very protective of 
things from my parents.

Not much else really happening. I'm just trying to rest
and recover, this stomach bug was a doozie.

Hope y'all out there in blog land are doing well! :)

LOL...I was born in a Polish county
and still can't write it out LOL! 

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