Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Around the house..

Festus in his favorite position, waiting for
bread. He and SofSof have a great new
hobby: pooping on our porch! 

Especially if it rains?? I guess Sophie doesn't like
to feel water on her butt or something. She pooped in
Spenser's deck chair today, good thing I can brush out
the little pellets lol. 

"Thanks Human Mom for saving me!"...POOOOOOOOOOP.

Farts. All of them.

Monday's appointment went pretty well, it
is the end of my fysio therapy. I do say I feel
a difference...when I stick with the exercises ;) lol

We went to Jumbo and hung around a bit. The real excitement
was having to tank on the border of our county and try not
to break down on the side of the road! We don't live near
ANY gas stations so yeah...fun. We are like 4 or 5km
from our closest one and that's alot when you're on fumes.

Not much kicking else. I did like how our carts looked
all pretty and rainbowy at the Jumbo underground.

I think cart guy was off that day lol!

Today has been a "down" day, with no appointments. I have
two back to back tomorrow, hurrah! The car is going on Thursday
for repair I think so it's kind of a mad dash to get everything done,
also before Midsummer. 

Finland closes down pretty much from Midsummer until the
 beginning of August. Not fun but how it is.

This morning was interesting. I had to go twice
and help Spenser's mom with computer trouble. Went fine.

I made Hawaiian pizza and forgot the pineapple :/ I stuck it
on top afterwards, tasted the same :P lol

I made a massive batch of curry chicken soup so that'll be supper here
soon. I just washed all the bulky dishes so tonight should be smaller
job for me.

Our washer has been backing up into the sink..(done it for years)
and today I decided to see what's up. I cleaned the filter on
the washing machine....second time in like 3 years? EW was right!

I was jiggling the bottom of the sink trying to figure
how to drain the collection pipe and man alive...LEAK. It
leaks when you start the washer, you name it.  Sigh..I think we
can use it but we'll have to put a bucket under the sink.

Hopefully FIL has called someone about that. Spenser thinks the
rubber rings have dried up (this house is 30 years old) and 
of course, the piping is some god-forsaken way of NOT doing
it right and you can't access it???? WHAT???


So I got a shower after all that and we got out and drove around
Helsinki. I had to use the head so Verkko Kauppa it was lol!

LOL I love it. I think it was some kind of simulator
or something like that.

Came home and that's been about it! 

SofSof (Sophie 2.0) is doing MUCH better. Her eyeball
is still kind of "ew" looking but she can see somewhat. She's
running, and even trying to hump Festus all the time so thanks
for the prayers, she's doing MUCH better.

Kind of reminds me of that! :D 

So tomorrow is doctor plus some other stuff...hope it
all works out. It's rainy/windy here so meh lol.

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