Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Around the house...

A c5 from America! It was cool to see! Spenser
knew it and I was like oooo! I was like CARRY ME

Saturday was a pretty good minus our shower backed up
so we had to get some draino for that. 

Sunday was okay but somehow my beloved Fireking
dish cracked by itself? No idea. :( It went to the garbage.

I got a new replacement from Ikea for 2.50 euros!

Monday was pretty good! I made us pizza for lunch
and cleaned a bit. I changed all the sheets and pillow cases,
washed those. Did two loads of normal clothes too. I changed
the couch cover as well. 

Tuesday has been okay. Spenser is on a bike trip. I did
dishes (skipped them yesterday and played Sims lol) and
then I  vacuumed and dustmopped. It was NUTS how much 
dust and stuff it picked up considering I've been dustmopping at least
every other day. I did dustmop again. 

Never get tile floors...EVER.

I got a shower and washed our towels so that's it! I'm blogging since
it's been forever and just wanted to update :). 

No idea what's up for the rest of the day. I might go take a nap lol.

Cheese sweeet potato pumpkin soup was for
Sabbath meal on Friday, yum!

God I love Misery. Kathy Bates in that movie is
my spirit guide, minus the killing and all that. No
Number 1 fan, that's what the polygamy bus is for :D lol 

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