Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thing that give me grief..Christian thoughts...

I've been plagued by depressive thoughts for the
past couple of months, that I can't change so many
things in the world that make me so sad. I know it's
not my burden but still.

The more horses you have, the more weight you can pull.
The problem is today people don't want to think about stuff
that makes them sad. It's easier to ignore the outside
world and think about what flavor coffee you want today
at Starbucks. I know because that how I am.

Things that have bothered me :

Female genital mutilation...a VERY real problem
that the so called "feminists" don't give a squat about. It's
easier to whine about rape culture than to say a person has
a right to their own genitals. These little girls need a voice
but alas, falling on deaf ears.

Coptic Christians in Egypt...they are being targeted for
their faith and no one gives a crap in the Christian community. They
aren't given asylum and no real efforts are out there for them. Everyone
should have the right to worship in peace and security, no matter what
their religion is.'s just really messed up. I will not tell another woman
what to do with her body though. I think this bothers me since the
"what if" had happened with the's an area I'd rather not
explore since it makes me anxious.  

World hunger...people are starving and there is a terrible famine in
Africa right now. You barely hear any info about it in the news. I haven't
heard squat from Finnish news sources.  

People are hungry though in America and Finland too. Even in 
a Socialist country we don't have food stamps and people rely
on organizations to help supplement their food. I will say if 
there is a change in circumstances with Spenser and I...
good chance we'll be there with these people. That could
happen to any of you too. Income is never really certain
these days.

Flint Michigan STILL doesn't have access to clean
drinking water. This isn't a 3rd world nation, this is America. If
this happened in a white neighborhood YOU KNOW it'd of been
fixed by now. It's just poor African Americans...and no one cares.  

They're working on it but it's been years. ???  

Lord I'm sure there are more things in my brain. I wish I
could think about happier things but it's hard. Spenser says
don't read the news and to some degree I don't...but sticking my
head in the sand doesn't help either.

But I'm just a fat sick lady typing away
on the keyboard, what do I know...

Maybe I should lay off the caffeine pop too...

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