Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sofie Update..*she's ok, not dead*

Sofie has been coming to our yard
the past 3 days. Her eye has opened but
she's still not putting weight on the paw. 

She hung out for hours today, napping
and eating on an apple bit and bread. I later
put out a bit of water too in case she had been dehydrated.

So we were talking and for two hours she laid
like this in the sun:

I'm like "Oh lord no, she's dying!' AHHHHHHHHH.

No. She was just literally lounging in the sunlight resting
probably from the carb coma from the bread lol :D

Spenser called and we could take her to the zoo for 
rehab if we could catch her.

So she's asleep behind a tree and Spenser sneaks up trying
to catch her. She was LIGHTNING fast getting up
the tree and just looking at us like WTF? 

So..she's fine lol. She's recovering well. She peed
today so it's good, she's hydrated. She ate more bread 
and wandered off. I hope she knows we were worried
for her and all, I think so. 

We haven't been twerked at and I hope we are
soon, that means she's back to her self. 

So basically she had a cat nap for 2.5 hours today lol!

She could still use prayers, her little ear has been
ripped, the eye issue, and the paw. Thankfully we learned
in case a predator shows up she can get up a tree.

I spent an hour keeping birds and such away so she
could nap quietly. Poor baby :(

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