Monday, May 1, 2017

Road Trip Part 1 (probs out of 3)

Finally broke the "staying in state"
curse lol. 8 months later, we got out!

We went to check out A and N's farm! :) It
was a long haul and we had to beat a unseasonable
blizzard...all that to come lol!

First stop, road trip supplies! Candy, chips and
sods so I don't get car sickness. Gift for the folks too.

Yeah, the place was HELLA far.

Construction going on...

We made it up the road on the interstate. This place had little
like flag thiniges going around in the wind. Seemed popular.


FARM from above including the skiing advert bear lol.

Pripyat grain elevators? No..well..maybe? lol This was the Lahti road.

Tons of lakes as you head up north from Uusimaa.


This stretch of road was over 20km long...tons of 
abandoned homes. Halfway through we were talking
about how where we live isn't that bad lol! I would
miss people...which says something.

We arrive in Tuulos..aka the only toilet place for
kilometers around. It was nice but we got some 
looks for speaking English :D lol 

Wait around for part 2 tomorrow :D 

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