Monday, May 22, 2017


Ever have the chance to watch the Marine with
John Cena, GOOD movie! (from what I remember)

Then again I like Dolph Lundgren, Van Damme,
and Steven Seagal movies, so there you go.

HOW have I not seen this? Best gif EVER.

Onto the menu! JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!

Today we had chicken nuggets with veges and then leftover
curry chicken soup (GF).

Tuesday: thawed GF hotdog soup, fishsticks with leftover veges

Rest of week:

pizza, GF tuna pasta with veges skillet

ramen, GF leftovers

ham impossible pie with veges, GF BBQ hotdogs

leftover impossible pie, some type of GF stirfry
(or a decide that day)

double mix of chicken vege noodle soup GF :)

That's it here! Thanks and check out
other menus at :

Sleep tight everyone! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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