Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fear and Loathing in Tuulos Part 2 of 3

LOVE this little house they were restoring. I'm feeling it's mandatory to
have a red barn to live here lol.


Love these kind of houses! Minus flying pigs :D lol 

FARM! I'm saying this because I yelled every time..poor Spenser lol.
I love the old brick barn in the middle.

LOOK at this house. First I was wondering is it a school or
village center but there were no signs so maybe not? I want it!

That foundation looks like allllllllllmost but not all the way straight lol.

It's Sampo rock everyone! I wish...I'd haul it off to my yard lol. ( I think it gives
you money in the Kalevala book).

This house screams my Mom and Dad! It's very English little cottage
going on, and cute! :D 

These were the end, said "hyvää matkaa" which means have a 
good trip.

FARM! It was abandoned and that makes me want to poke around so 
bad lol! It's sad so many homes are left to rot out in
the korpi here but there are no jobs or anything near by.

Our turn. It was SUPER boonies compared to previous place
but the road was in decent shape.

We made it to the farm! :) Gorgeous horses! :D We had fun, hung out with
baby and I petted tons of cats! :D I fed some horses and helped move a 
super heavy planter lol :D Didn't mind, it's nice helping out friends!

Spenser and A talked a bunch, they had coffee with the
farmer guys and all. Spenser is good extrovert...I am like ooo ponies!

Super pretty! I might have messed up the electrical ones and one got out...
*cough* lol :D 

Stay tuned for the last part of the trip tomorrow! :) 

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