Sunday, May 21, 2017

End of zen/VACAY

 I needed a picture of zen but they all seemed kinda meh.
So this picture of potatoes seems like a good choice. 

Yes you do...that can bring some inner peace
as well lmao! :D 

Muhahahahahha :D

MY EYES. I was googling Hasselhoff gifs for
fun and then Gary Busey...nooooooooo.

Someone bring the eye bleach lol.

Anywho for 2 glorious days we had the house
to ourselves. It was WONDERFUL.

Friday we had coffee at the mall and then
went to Tuusula. Saturday we kind of hung out
local after checking out the harbor in Espoo. 
Today we went to Porvoo and got like 1,000 pictures :D

While there was anxiety (hello ultrasound next week)
and all...overall it was really nice to have a break from
all the drama.

So it's been a good day and we had plus 22C weather
all weekend. I'm covered in a sun rash but darn it, I
had fun :).

So there will be like 1,000 pictures at some point lol :D 

It's back to the regular program this week :D


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