Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Around the house...

How I feel after this week so far lol!


BOYA! :D That's wonderful news! It's been 3 years
since my testing and whoo! Being off the drops my eye pressure
has actually went down to 21/22! :D I'm crunk about that!

Monday was okay but I had to wake up at the asscrack
of dawn. I'm not a morning person and I like my sleep. I was
like UGH. I am a night owl...especially boinking Rami Malek...
ummm....what? lol :D 

So we got around and got their early. Praise the Lord they got
3 of my tests done back to back so we had an hour and a half. I'm
looking like Ray Charles since my eyes hurt being all dilated. 
We had coffee while we waited then went back for more tests.

That went well. LOL the first nurse didn't speak English. I
can speak simple Finnish okay...but she wasn't getting that.
 Spenser had to translate for most of yesterday and he wasn't
happy about that.

New knock off crocs for 3 euros on sale! Comfortable
as hell. I know..I look like a nurse lol. 

Nothing wrong with that!

We ate Burger King and came home. I did some laundry (when
my eyes cleared up after a nap) and that's about it. Watched random
tv and all. Had a nice skype with my folks!
Tuesday......Tuesday is the Monday of this week so far.

So turns out Yente needs a ride too and of course
there's drama.  Always drama with this family, Christ it's like
high school just followed me into this family lol.

IT'S F*CKING MAY. We got snow...seriously.

So we drop Yente off and I feel bad, she had to wait
2 hours for her appointment. 

The car was low on gas so we filled it. Spenser had to
drop me off so I'd not be late and I had to go
through the ghetto building underpass to get
to the eye doc.

That went okay. We got out and had coffee
and lunch waiting on Yente. 

Pick her up and go home.  Later I need to return my
cane and guess what, the website and actual
info I have don't match. 

So we have drop it off and hopefullly it's not stolen
when they come by tomorrow afternoon...we just taped
a note to it and left it in front of the door. We asked a nurse
and she said to do that. Sigh. :P 

Had more coffee..waiting on Yente. So spending all this money
on take out and crap while you wait the past two days?

Hurrah, Euro inflation.

So we get home and I baked a bit.

YUM. Homemade bread is the best. It was nice.

I made a huge pot of soup too. We ate leftover
soup and watched pretty awful Finnish tv.

That's been the day pretty much. Tomorrow I'll
hopefully get some wash done.

I'm just plain wore out lol. At least my eyeballs
are good to go! :) 

The 3 damn stages of PMS in your 30s lol

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