Thursday, May 18, 2017

A walk around Elf Town...

It's actually called Elfvik but you know my
Apsie brain, HA..nope lol. It's Elf House...

What a pretty house! It was really packed since it was
Mother's Day but we really enjoyed walking around. Plus 
there are flushable bathrooms..that's a plus.

There was a ITTY bitty baby squirrel.
The best part was he jumped out of the nest 
and scared the holy crap out of this biker guy
who screamed like a girl :D lol I was like

Yep..some weird American fat lady
yelling about squirrels...why not lol. :P 

I wanted to take it home :D lol 

This monument is all scratched up...???


Anyone who has watched The know why.

Zoom out...

Pretty doors! This was in the waiting area
for the bathrooms.

As soon as you walk in.

In the "museum" part. It was full of dead
stuffed animals which I decided not to
photograph because it's a bit morbid.

My favorite one, really pretty. 

They had a grand inside but we didn't 
take photos since people were eating there and you
could barely move it was that full.

Back of the house...

More pics tomorrow! :) 

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