Monday, April 24, 2017

Menu Monday...

Me looking at the menu this week lol.

It's a bit unconventional but it's the end week of
the month...and creativity is GONE.


So far we've had from this menu since

homemade pizza, leftovers

GF curry chicken soup, GF bbq hotdogs and cole slaw

decide that day, leftover egg drop soup n bbq hotdogs

Now onto the rest of the menu :

GF curry chicken soup, nuggets with veges 

GF chicken cream vege soup flavored with 
onion and bacon (ruokakerma)
baking cream ... fishsticks with veges

GF chicken bacon soup, quesadillas 

GF chicken bacon soup, ham impossible pie w/ veges

GF scrambled eggs with hashed taters, leftover impossible pie

A couple of decide that days maybe...ramen too.

My look at doing any cooking..can't food just
magically appear? Oh and a cheesecake sampler
platter is 30 euros here..

30 heard right...

Thanks for stopping by! :) Make sure to
check out other menus at! Menu Monday

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