Monday, April 10, 2017

Menu Monday - Easter Eggition :P

We shall enhance this Menu Monday via
Tom Hiddleston. Pre-Taylor Swift. But to quote
my grandma "He can put his boots under my
bed anytime"..except we sleep on the floor due to
bad back issues so....? That'd not work.

ONE CHOCOLATE Tom? ONE? There is lots 
of chocolate near Easter!

Easter Menu

Ham baked in Oven
Thawed sweet potato mash
Cheesy Veges
? Maybe something else?

Dessert : lemon cake!

Donuts are good. We need the real Tom
at home with bed hair just eating these in his
sweat pants watching tv.

Good enough.....

Onto the rest of the menu!

Triple batch gluten free curry cream of chicken
vege soup. SO good.

Fishsticks and veges, chicken nuggets and veges

GF sausage in pasta sauce with veges, (GF Easter meal)

homemade pizza, ramen noodles

GF layered tater bake (recipe to come later), leftovers

Impossible pie with veges, leftovers

Decide that Day x4.

Not super inspired but I have a fever
and a headcold so meh :P

Preview of our wedding night..

It's all good in Loki's neighborhood!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out
other menus at : Menu Monday


  1. Ha! My Grandma said the same thing about Deney Terrio from the tv show Dance Fever. Are you old enough to remember that one? It's kind of weird to hear that from your Grandma :)

    1. lol! :D I'm bad, just can't help it lol! Cool! I don't remember Dance Fever but I googled it. He had some Saturday night fever going on lol! LOL! :D I can image! :D Grandma might have said it about James Arness but I could be mixing that memory up lol! :D


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