Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Around the OMG WILLEM DAFOE...

I am so unoriginal with titles y'all lol. 

Been an okay week so far!

Tuesday was pretty good, we just 
kind of chilled after arranging all the 
medical stuff for me next month.

We took Yente, again lol, to the mall.
It wasn't so bad, we tend to go our different
ways. Got some restocking done, whoo and thanks! :)
We also had coffee at Coffee House and it was nice,
just people watched and all.

No good deals really. Sales have been lackluster but we also
go really late these days so if there was anything, it'll be gone
by 11:30am lol.

I did dishes and read the Bible last night.

Today has been good! It has been WONDERFUL getting
around without a cane :). I missed just doing normal
household activities and stuff :D. 

Spenser had a walk this morning and I vacuumed. It
had been awhile so it was MUCH needed. God gave me a 
good idea (I mean he gives us all ideas..and he gave us
Stephen Lang's arms! That'll set your crotch aflame
 but for me that's the Elidel now lol).

I keep track of homemaking stuff on a simple 
print out calender.

It has helped me keep track since my other calender
is full of me tracking our doc visits, my periods, 
bowel issues, etc lol.

It was good to vacuum, the house needed it. I also cleaned
up the bathroom and dusted. I also dustmopped too.

It wasn't that dirty, guess the regular shaking of rugs
and dustmopping kept the crud out?

We got our showers and ate lunch, had the rest of the
curry chicken soup. I made 3 liters of soup at a time ;)
Spenser loves it and it's easy for me so hurrah! lol 

Got out to the mall, had some juice and walked around
a bit. Not much to see. I like walking through Stockmann's
and having a mini heart attack looking at clothes prices lol.

We got home and I played Sims, Spenser was making music.

We spent a good chunk watching Steve driving. It's nice to
chat with other people too. :)

I did two big loads of laundry today, clothes
and then towels and the table cloth. I also cleaned
the humidifier, it was SCUZZY. 

I soaked it for an hour in white vinegar watered 
down, it looked great! About 1:1 ratio. It's drying
downstairs, to be used for another winter :).

We had nuggets with veges and potatoes for supper,
it was good! Watched Love it or List it Vancouver
and then Spenser went to bed.

So that's been the day! :) It's been a good one, lots
of cleaning and all. What PMS? :D Tomorrow I need
to work on cooking and making the grocery list for next

So that's it here! Forgot we had 
SNOW overnight....DUDE. Vappu
(may day) is in under a week lol.

Accurate depiction of trying to get out this
month lol. 

I caught Frank unaware so snapped these
pictures of his annoyed majesty the other day :D

Groomin for ma lady!

I SEE YOU..feed me!

Have a great rest of the week everyone! :)

(I might blog..I don't know. Stephen Lang
could show up to my house with a cheese cake
and some blue pills..who knows!)

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