Monday, April 24, 2017

Around the house...

It's a miracle! I'm walking
without a cane! WHOO cortisone
shot is working pretty well. It won't be
forever though :( Oh well.

So Friday I basically rested up, we ate
whatever was leftover in the fridge lol. I 
skipped laundry or anything like that. It was
a pretty okay day if I remember right.

Saturday was okay. We got stuck with
 Yente and went to the mall. We sat and
had coffee for an hour lol. :) It wasn't a bad trip though.

Sofie stopped by and spent some MUCH over due time
with her squirrel mom :D It was nice!

Sunday was okay, quiet. I cooked a bunch in the 
morning. I made side veges and then a massive pot
of curry chicken cream vege soup. That stuff is like
crack lol. Spenser and I love it.

I was in a homemakey mood, I sorted
my papers and cleaned up my desk (ovulation for
sure). I cleaned up the coffee table too. I did 
some laundry and took trash, etc. 

Monday has been pretty okay. I slept decent
for once! 8 hours, whoo!

Spenser went on a walk. We organized my ultrasound
today, it'll be late in May. I also reserved my last
fysio time too. May is panning out to have
lots of doc stuff :/ What is it with me and spring and
doctor's stuff all compiled? lol

We got out today for my pap and a pee test. My hip decided
to become really painful so I had to hold up my leg during the :/. My joints are just crappy lol.

We came home after that, not much to do.

Watched some tv and all. Spenser had some freak out
about his music that turned out was a bumpy afternoon.

I did a load of laundry.

I cleaned our porch chairs and had our first cup of coffee
on the porch! The Chaffinches were back..beeping and humping.

Spenser went to bed after we ate pizza for supper and I 
listened on a group chat on Youtube, bothered mr Big Rig :D lol 
He's a nice dude, love his Youtube.

I wiped down the refrigerator and cabinets then listened to
Reba McEntire and Confederate Railroad. Funny how you
miss the South sometimes. It's a special kind of 
homesickness I guess.

So that's been about it here. Nothing stands out 

EXCEPT I got a lovely handkerchief containing a 
BEAUTIFUL decade rosary! :D Thanks Miriam! :D 

Hope y'all are having a good day out there!

The look on that cat's face LOL! 

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