Sunday, April 16, 2017

Around the house...

The best picture of Sofie ever! Spenser took
this last month, she's SO cute! Hasn't been seen since,
guess she's having babies or something.

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week, this was
a NASTY headcold. I'm feeling better and yesterday
was the first day I didn't take ANY medicines except
syrup at night. I'm still stuffy but it's
know what I mean?

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all
who celebrate those! :)

Spenser put the kabosh on the big Easter meal,
we're having pizza when he comes home LOL. :D I'm fine
with that, a bit tired to do a bunch of cooking.

We did quite a bit of stuff this week but really no
pictures. I accidentally deleted some from my phone :/.

We had our midroof (attic) door blow off in a 
terrible storm at the beginning of this week. To hold it
down we used a bag of fertilizer...:P It needs to be fixed but
until ya go lol.

It was SUPER windy, almost 50 miles an hour bursts. 

Spenser had a good therapy session on Monday and I made
a time for a doctor for next week. 

The rest of the week we just went out shopping here
and there to get away and out and about. I didn't do much
housework outside of dishes, dustmopping, and laundry.

We got 2 euro coupons to try this new coffee shop at Jumbo
and we did. It was pretty good for what I could taste, my nose
was super stopped up.

We have all kinds of birdies back! Buford was gorgeous
as always. Robin is back and so is Florence n Frank!

Robin WHO WOULD NOT sit still for a picture.
I finally got one lol.

Frank and Florence are Fieldfares. Typewriter birds is what
I call them lol. 


The crabbiest LOL. They always have the "you came
to the wrong neighborhood" look lol.

So that's about it here. Hopefully blogging gets back
to normal. Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend!

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