Monday, March 13, 2017

Menu Monday...

My almost gluten free dinner the other night. Sure
it's grilled cheese but there's no soy. Spenser ate some
nuke burgers so this was mine. I had egg drop soup, it
was SO good!

Easy as usual :)

We had oven roasted grill sausage with vege mix
and potatoes for lunch. For supper we had ham 
and vege cousous. (Monday)

Leftover sausage and veges GF, leftover ham couscous

GF chicken curry with rice and veges, leftovers or GF nakki sauce

GF creamy vege soup, GF leftovers

ramen, souped up oven pizzas (storebought forever ago)

egg tacos, pulled pork sandwiches

Decide that Day x2

Thanks for visiting and check out here for more menus.

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