Monday, March 6, 2017

Around the house...

Not much really going on here. Friday we were stuck
at home. Car was picked up, it is better. Now all it needs
is a new battery and to replace about 6,000 other
sensor issues lol. As long as it runs, who cares.

Saturday Spenser had a screaming match with
his mom on the phone, quite the ambiance for
a shower lol.  I just was like whatever. I feel like
we're in a house full of kids fighting over toys,
it's a bit tiring.  Whatever :P lol

Sunday was insomania. Spenser had it
and woke me up at 230am...then giving ME
insomnia who had it the night before. Literally
did nothing that day.

Monday has been better, but we're still
super tired. I haven't cooked since......?
Meh can't remember. Well I made pizza
yesterday lol.

Today it was leftover pizza and ravioli,
not really been gluten free for a couple days now lol.

I did a big load of laundry today, folded some

I dustmopped and swept with the broom at bit. Spenser
and his friend are trying to coordinate a meet up but you
know how it goes..."life is canceling plans until you're dead"
or something like that.

Damned boob intertrigo is back, it itches! Plus all my
bras have shrunk and are digging into me, hurrah. :(

So basically that's all here. I'm alive lol. Got medical
stuff out the wazoo this week.

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