Thursday, March 30, 2017

Around the house...

Man alive I've been neglecting the blog, sorry
about that to my regular readers. It has been A MONTH..
but I have a feeling April will be interesting too lol.

So last weekend was pretty quiet if I remember
right. The guys played here and there. I rested
quite a bit.

For the first time all month we didn't have
any doctors times so far this week. We did
have the time change and I'm thankful we 
could adjust to it without any
appointments and such.

The beginning of the week we just
relaxed and adjusted, finally could
"let our hair down' so to speak.

Spenser's Dad had surgery yesterday
but he's home now and seeming to be okay. I think
the hardest part for him is to rest, it's not in the 
Lindroos genes :) lol

Today we did some grocery shopping (thanks!) and

I need to shake out rugs and dustmop or vacuum..and fold
a ton of laundry. Sheets will be pushed off a bit...don't feel
like it plus I'm on my monthly..not a good time to 
wash anyways lol. I have a mountain of laundry to fold too.

Tomorrow I have a doc appointment with my
foot so we'll see what's up after that. Saturday is
a party time probably so I might be taking a DAYS
long break from washing lol :).

Hope y'all have a great weekend out there if I 
don't blog again! :)

Forgot I have to work on the grocery list
for next month LOL :P 


  1. yeah, March was really hit and miss for me too.

    1. YES! It was a crazy month, wasn't it? I'm trying to do better this month.

  2. Thinking of you- feel better soon!
    Party time sounds like fun! What are you celebrating?

    1. Thanks! :) I'm doing better, resting :D lol Thanks! I avoided it as usual lol :D It was Spenser's Dad's birthday.


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