Friday, March 24, 2017

Around the house...

It's been a week without blogging. It has been
a very tiring week but not a bad one. 

Monday and Tuesday were rather
quiet. We didn't spend much time out 
of the house. I had forms to fill
out and obsessively OCD over :P
Wednesday was okay, we were in
Helsinki for an appointment. Parking
of course was awful but God blessed us
with a space and we got 'er done. Thankful
for that.

Certain people related to us can't seem
to get it through their yuppie skull that
Spenser and I are private people and they
need to quit asking so many questions.

Pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole
situation. No need for anger, just a need
to say "none of your business" and move on.
Thursday was okay.  I did the usual pre-Sabbath
cleaning of dustmopping and shaking out rugs. Did
a bit of laundry too.  

We watched a bunch of slow tv too. Big Rig Steve
is one of our favorite things to watch on Youtube. He's
funny and very family friendly.

 I made pizza and then we had to shop. Our shower head
died and we bought a new one from Biltema. I could spend
SO much money and time in that place. :P :D I like office

We hung around Jumbo too, did some grocery shopping.
Friday has been okay but I think it'll be a "at home"
day. I'm fine with that. 

This morning I made turkey vege soup (forgot the rice)
and we watched a funny childhood movie :P

 I dustmopped again and folded a mountain of laundry. Cleaned
out the fridge and have been resting. I washed
a bit and changed towels.

I've been listening to native Sami music and while
Spenser feels it's "it's Pagan AHHH" stuff,  I get why. I grew
up listening to Pure Moods (and my sis laughing at me lol)
but it was full of native American music, etc. I just
like stuff like that :).

It's time to quit feeding the birds :(. I'm not happy about
it but God does provide for them.  Winter is over and 
while I'd love to feed them, the squirrels bury things in
MIL's flower pots lol. Also it's good the farts rely on
what the Lord gives them since we go through bouts
where we don't feed them.

I did put bread out, there will always be something like that.
 I am a bit weary though, don't want mice coming here. We caught
3 or 4 and thankfully the trap has been empty for awhile. We'll keep
it well stocked though just in case, we get rogue mice in the summer
quite often.

So that's about it here. Spenser and the guys are playing. I took
a wonderful nap lol. :P

That's about it here. I'm still using my crutch/cane thingie and
it's helping the foot pain minus a sore thumb from hauling all
of me around on it lol :)

Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll
blog later!

LOL this popped up when I was reading about rape
idea but it made me laugh yesterday lol.

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