Saturday, March 18, 2017

Around the house...

So I used the handicap bathroom in Jumbo. It
was NICE, like a spa in there. It's hard to drag
that crutch/cane thingie around in a small
stall for sure. 

I'm pretty used to the crutch now. We went to
Jumbo Friday and got some supper (micro 
chicken n rice meals) and came home. It was
a pretty quiet day. I didn't do squat, did dishes
earlier in the day so I rested.

Saturday has been pretty good. I've noticed that my
foot is feeling MUCH better using the crutch. If I'm
home and doing stuff I take constant breaks so I can
move around pretty well without it. If we're out
and about I use the cane since walking any distance hurts.

God blessed me with an energy burst to
get my cleaning done! :) It has been probably
a month since I've vacuumed and our house 
 needed it, BAD.
So today I :

stripped all the bedding and washed it

vacuumed and dustmopped

shook out rugs

washed the shower curtain

cleaned the bottom of the medical cabinet

cleaned up the sink and the potty (around it too)

folded a huge amount of laundry

changed all the towels and the sheet I use
to cover our couch. 

washed normal laundry.

mid month restocking

I have been busy lol. :P God really blessed me
to catch up on cleaning that really needed done. 

I think it  was mentally needed too about
the mice issue we've had. 

Spenser didn't find a mouse in the catch today
so hopefully that's good news. We'll wait and see!

So that's been about it. Nothing tomorrow planned
but who knows! :P 

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