Thursday, March 16, 2017

Around the house..

I have a pimp cane everyone! :D 

Tuesday was pretty quiet from what I remember. My short
term memory is crap lol. 

Tuesday was pretty quiet. We were at home (without a car)
most of the day so I did some laundry and we watched tv. We
are into this stuff called Slow Tv, it's actually pretty good 
for background noise.

The mice were smart and ate the cheese RIGHT off
the mouse trap that was set correctly! Ahhh! 
Wednesday was good. I made a catch n release
trap but none took it.  I was like OH look how 
cheap humane traps are in Biltema! So we got
 two of the big ones. I didn't know how the mice
would fit in something so small but figured it wasn't
a biggie. Spenser set it up with a big piece of cheese.

I checked later that night and a big brown butt
was sticking out! The trap worked! I was like oh it's 
stuck so it's not moving. I called Spenser...nope...'twas
dead. It's a humane KILLING trap. :/ I wish they didn't die
but it is SUPER fast (no squealing) and you can dispose of the 
body pretty fast.

:/ The trap caught ANOTHER last night. We'll see if we
have more, they say to put out the trap for a week until you don't
catch anything else. I think with certain hoarding issues with people
in our family....we'll have a trap set for forever. 

We had a good trip out, went to Jumbo and walked around. Got 
some candy and came home. We did visit the thrift store
and Tokmanni but not much really there.
Today (Thursday) I had my fysio for my foot! We slept 
okay but I can't quit having dreams about M...driving me a 
bit bonkers! (Spenser knows, we figure it's tied to my therapy
somehow). I need schedule another appointment when I'm
not swamped like I have been this month.

We ate lunch at 930am, and supper was 6pm lol. Yeah, it's
been a bit of a weird day. 

Spenser shopped for his Mom while I did fysio. No improvement
on my foot/gait etc. So I'm...using a crutch :P Hence my pimp cane. I
have another visit in two weeks to see how I'm doing.

I rented a cane (go socialism lol!) but it wasn't open 
until later in the 
afternoon. So I have a new set of exercises 
and I am suggested to get the steroid 
shot because there is a probable
infection in my plantar fascia :/.  

I hate steroids, I've packed on 50 plus pounds from all
the damned steroids after all these years but hey, it is what it is. 
Lose my crotch function due to cancer or gain weight on cortico steroids...
hmmmmm options lol.

So that's about it. We came home and I had a mood 
swing, not a happy camper about alot of stuff going in
in my mind here of late. (rape stuff). 

We went to pick up the elbow crutch and that went well. Spenser's
Dad had some banking so we took the same car. I am getting
used to the crutch and it HELPS a bunch! Way less pain on my foot. I
am walking slow as Moses though. It's fun annoying people trying
to get by me :D I'm THAT person lol :D 

Spenser's Mom was like AHHHHHHHHHHH when I
came home lol. Yeah they're in their 70s and sporty...and I'm
using a crutch. God is weird sometimes lol.

So that's about it. We had storebought cheapo food and it
was good, didn't feel like cooking. 

I hope y'all out there will have a great weekend! :)

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