Sunday, March 12, 2017

Around the house...

A pretty rose I got on Women's Day.

I slept a bunch last week, just 
rested when I could.

Spenser had a friend come over on the earlier
part of the week, that was nice! They went
for a walk and talked. I fell asleep for an
hour lol :).

The friend also checked the shoddy workmanship
on the sink install and said it'd be fine for years to come
so that's a blessing!

Spenser had a therapy appointment on Wednesday,
it went very well. They talked and all. Of course 
the waiting room had not enough seats. A young guy
in his 20s gave his seat to a girl, it was nice that the
younger generation has some civility left. Don't they
say that about us old farts though? :D lol 

Thursday was pretty quiet from I remember. 

Friday....yeah. Friday's visit didn't go so good.
 In 2015 the women's hospital was great, I had
a huge amount of time to talk with the doctors. Somehow
(from what I feel) the medical cuts have made it awful.

I got max 20 minutes and there was a GUY in the exam
room. Too much overstimulation for me : A guy screaming
to me about my other conditions, a lady in my vagina pressing
down and asking does it hurt when I am LITERALLY yelling
MOTHER OF GOD because it hurt so bad. 

It wasn't a good visit and I have to say whenever I visit
the GP, I'm going to ask to visit a different hospital or something,
 I don't want those people ever touching me again.

The male doctor tried to blame my lichen planus
for the pain. It doesn't cause pain to sit down. I have had 
vulvodynia YEARS before LP. 

My internal muscles all around my vagina are
super tight and really painful. The vestibular vulvodynia is
annoying and ever present, yet I don't qualify for surgery..which
I don't want.

If a surgery was offered for a man to remove ALL the skin from his
penis and have new skin attached, he'd not do it. WHY do people
consider that's an option for women? It's got only a 60% success
rate anyways.

At least my vage swab showed no inflammation plus no BV
which was interesting. I did get off a 3 day bout of garlic oil
tablets...guess they worked. 

So in the end, they offered me anti depressants. (My rape
therapy WAS brought up..which has NOTHING to do with
my issues).  Yep, that's the end of the line folks, anti depressants.

I said that I'm opposed to them because my emotional 
unstability background and they were like TAKE THE PILLS. 
I asked for a gabapentin cream and they said no..because *he*
didn't believe they worked.

The pills he gave me have a 44% success rate, gabapentin compound 
has up to 65% success, including me in 2010. 

What a load of horse shit. They also refused to listen to my
complaints about my heavy periods, my back pain/random bleeding
 I get, and possible ovarian issues. Also they said no to testing
my hormones.

Needless to say, I don't plan on going back there. What a load
of horse crap. They can take their professional opinion and stuck
it up where the sun doesn't shine.

Sabbath was good and quiet, very restful. Today was been good,
we've done some resting too. Took Spenser's dad's car in
for a wash and came home, ate leftovers.

Hope y'all have had a good week out there!

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