Thursday, March 2, 2017

Around the house...

Another quiet night here. Spenser's
friend who he has made music for is
moving back to the States tonight. While
we're not in the same country, it's an end to
an era. I for one am jealous a bit since
we're here. 

It is what it is. 

I'll recap so far :

Wednesday was actually a good day
after the epic crapstorm of Tuesday. We got out
restocking and it went VERY well. I got lots
of great deals and it went well.

I took the world's worst passport pictures
too. Oh well, it's paid for and needed this month.
I look disheveled. The guy was rushing me through
though it was like 930am and NO ONE was around.
Oh's done lol.

We went to get our monthly meds and then went
to Lidl, got what we needed. We ate lunch out at 
Burger King and while it was okay, the fish king was
like almost burned. Tuusula, not only terrible roads,
but terrible food.

A good representation of how 
Tuusula is laid out road wise lol.

We came home, unloaded groceries, etc. We
then went out again and hit up thrift stores!
Mama needs new clothes!

I found a cute shirt, a soft sweater, and PANTS.
All for 7 euros. That is HELLA cheap. All in
great shape. It's hard to find pants in a size 56 
european baby. These are comfy and fit nice. (Like a 4x
to USA folks)

Spenser found two pairs of jeans, whoo! That's
great for him :D He needs some new shirts too at 
some point, but he's REALLY picky about those lol.

So I washed two loads of laundry and had a great Skype
with my Mom and Dad! :) It was a good day :).
Today (Thursday) hasn't been so bad. 

Very fatigued, stress isn't good for mono and
HA...this week.  I slept 7.5 hours and after
breakfast took an hour's nap.

Washed a load of clothes in the afternoon,
filled the feeder, and took trash.

We got showers and ate liver box and kerma peruna,
'twas good. :)  (scalloped taters)

We kind of just sat around, very tired and talking.

Got out in the afternoon a bit. Jumbo has some crazy
weird sales and it had a lady yelling through the speakers,
which HELL NO to me and Spenser. That doesn't work
for me and him since we like to relax, so we came home the
slow way and talked.

Candy was on sale. So were ski rolls. YES. :P I laughed 
since there was a thin blonde lady with 3 kids, she had like
6 packages of ski rolls and Berliner donuts half off lol.

We came home, Spenser and the guys played some xbox! I
then fell asleep for another half hour. I'm sick, my throat
feels bad. Not like snoring sickness, like damn I'm full of
snot/aahh sickness.

We ate. Spenser got his soy nuke burgers, I made a BBQ
sauce mixed with mayo cheese bun with cheese and 
ham in the microwave. It was REALLY good :).

They think a brake sensor messed up in the red car,
so if y'all can pray that it'll get fixed quick, that'll be great.
Also can you pray if I'm supposed to go through
with my internal exam next Friday, that my period won't
show up? Thanks! 

Spenser went to bed and I chopped up the sweet potatoes
we bought forever ago to roast up tomorrow. I did dishes
and that's about it. Sat down to blog.

Hope y'all have a good weekend out there. I think
I'll take a blog break for a bit. See you guys next Monday!

Wish PMS cleaning was this easy LOL 

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