Friday, February 17, 2017

What's in your Sabbath?

Cool, this is David's tomb..I think. It was
from Pixabay. :)

So for those who don't know..I had the
Catholic issues stop me from pursuing it
in 2016. Turns out there's a sect known
as Old Catholics or American Catholics, and
they are pretty much wonderful :D. I have 
emailed a really nice priest guy, he's awesome. 

So you can be Catholic and not be Roman Catholic!
You can still go to Mass in a Roman Catholic church
but it's really different, it's pretty nice. Should of listened to
my friend who told me to look into it :D 

So I'm still observing Sabbath the good ole
Sabbath Keeper way. It's just me :P

What do I do for Sabbath?

Now some Sabbaths I'm like heck no,
and do zilch. The dust bunnies watch
me from the floor and I'm like meh. Then some
Sabbaths I'm like MUST CLEAN.

This is my bottom of the basket Sabbath preparations.

1) I try to have meals planned or cooked. Less
 stress on me and all. If we don't then it's 
something easy. 

2) I deal with things that annoy me

I make sure there's a new roll of paper in
the bathroom, make sure we have matches
so Spenser doesn't stink me to death So just
in case :D. I make sure we have new soap and
shampoo if needed. 

I charge batteries if we need some just in case,
and I pull out bread or stuff from the freezer if we might
run out. Just stuff that is like...crap gotta remember.

I also accidentally dumped 1/3 of Spenser's yogurt into
the sink today draining off the whey. That's stuff is 
very expensive so...poop :(. Use the lid next time lol!

3) I try to vacuum and do sheets a couple of days
ahead of Sabbath. I don't want to be changing
duvet covers on the day of rest.

4) Change all the cups and wash bulky annoying
dishes the night before Sabbath. 
Basic list (like I'm sick and tired aka most
of the time)

Sweep up with a broom the dust bunnies
and stuff, it takes a minute or two. Dust mop
just around furniture. 

Pick up random crap that accumulates and 
declutter a bit. 

Check the bathroom again for anything I need
to replace. Clean toilet and sink if I'm feeling
really into it. Spray vinegar onto floor so soap
scum disappears and you feel you've cleaned it.

Fold laundry that has it's pile in the bedroom.
If it's small I don't mind but I don't want a monster
of a load accumulating and I'll have to fold that. Dust
mop in bedroom as well if needed.

Have Spenser take the trash. 

Water Cletus if he's looking dead.

Shake out rugs if needed but I mostly
do that when I vacuum. Hall rug is the worst
for gravel. 

That's honestly about it. 
I light an electronic LED candle (thanks Mom!)
when sundown comes and I remember. I 
won't burn the damn house down with my
fibro fog memory lol.

I tend to do a load of laundry on Saturday
morning if needed. I may cook too. It's pretty
much business as usual for me minus doing stressful
stuff if so.

So that's about it! I'll read the Bible or work on
my books I'm writing, or read. 

So that's that. Have a great Shabbat!

(Also yes we eat pork on Sabbath, some folks don't. I'm
also an American Catholic in learning who does
Sabbath yeah..I'm already weird ;) lol).


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