Monday, February 6, 2017

Menu Monday..

Whenever I'm depressed, this picture
will just make me laugh and laugh. Thank
God Speed 2 gave us this miracle lol! :D

After I put my cup down after taking
my night medication. Even the water is
depressed here of late lol.

I didn't photoshop or mess with
the image, it really came out that way lol.

Easy peasy menu :)

Yesterday we had homemade pizza...ate off it for
two meals.

Today we had GF chicken vege stirfry (soy free) and 
chicken nuggets with potatoes and vege medley.

Planned for later this week:

GF pasta with canned cheese pasta sauce with turkey in it
and then fishsticks with the leftover taters and carrots for

leftover GF pasta, ramen noodles

GF turkey vege soup (or GF onion soup),  pulled pork sandwiches

leftover GF soup, decide that day

GF leftovers of some sort, decide that day

GF impossible pie with veges, storebought pizza or
liver box

Thanks for visiting! :) Come back soon! 

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