Thursday, February 9, 2017

Around the house...the week that won't let up

So having written Monday, I was like
ah..this week will be awesomer and calm.


This gif will be my 2017 gif...I feel it lol.

So Tuesday rolls around and we (thanks!)
got out and did some shopping. One of those
months you run out of everything lol. At least
February is short!

We got to Jumbo, buy all kinds of food
and a new hair dryer. My old one burned my...
bum. (Intertrigo prevention means blowing
at your private bits with a blow dryer lol).

So we're loaded up and we sit and have
our drinks. Spenser wants to walk around
Stockmann at Jumbo so we do.

So we're checking out prices and this security
guard shows up. He follows us for a bit and 
while we go to the food section he stands right
next to Spenser (who is Pasty white Finnish person)
and stares at us.

I am tired of this shite and say in Finnish at him
"Ei mustalainen" or "not a gypsy". He is like oh
and wanders off. What a racist asshole.

Google mustalainen and thanks to my
Jewish genes, I'm skin/hair tone like these
folks. At least compared to the majority
of pasty ass Finnish people. 

So that sucked. We get home and Spenser
gets into it with Nachum 2.0. Basically reality
checks his ass on his anxiety disorder. I'm eating
candy and being on the computer. Spenser later comes

 The ONE thing ALL my therapists have said NOT 
to tell and it was MY choice if and when I wanted to tell. Well
don't have to worry now because I'm sure all 
of the f*cking family have heard by now. Sure the smoke signals
have reached our cousins in Karelia folks.

Joy of joys. HELL TO THE NO of
me doing anything with Spenser's family
outside of a funeral because people are 
inappropriate as f*ck and will ask 
dumb questions. 

 Just ugh...ugh all the way. Spenser was 
like ooopsy and I was pretty upset at him.

So that sucked.
Wednesday was pretty good and quiet. We went to
Jumbo (surprise, it's cold and boring up here,
nothing else to do but hang at the mall) and 
we rested most of the day. We laid in

I did some laundry, washed a bunch of
dishes, roasted sweet potatoes (froze a ton),
and dustmopped. 

So it was a good quiet day.


Today has been quiet too. I did some laundry. I cooked
turkey vege soup for over Sabbath and so I can
rest, not do anything really stressful. 

We got a 3 euro book, Dr Zhivago! I'm looking forward
to reading it here and there. I need to get used to reading
with the dyslexia guides, they still bug me to use.

I filled the feeder, looked out and saw the HUGE
Magpie Sofia sitting on the tiny part eating lol! :D Aw,
she was doing her Sparrow impersonation. 

No plans here. Sun is setting and we'll eat something
for supper and watch more tv.

Have a great night out there!

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