Monday, February 27, 2017

Around the house...

Got this great deal on sale! I made a huge
pan of scramled eggs (half whites half
yolks) and froze two baggies for the future.
It made a great breakfast with canned pears.

White out! It was funky weather on the weekend.

I basically rested on the weekend, I did no laundry or
anything. We ended up eating some takeout at Hesburger
(cheap menu lol) and so I didn't have much to do.

Today has been pretty busy. We got out this early
afternoon, eating McDonalds. The red car is getting to
have lots of problems. I wish I'd have enough money
for a vehicle that works well and is trustworthy. Then again
 I didn't buy it so...can't complain lol. (family vehicle)

Went to Jumbo, hung around and got some candy. Spenser
likes to spend time away from the house so good thing they
have nice seating in some spots.

Came home after having coffee (mmm decaf ) and
got to work on housework.

I did dustmopping, changed all the sheets and bedding,
including duvet covers which I hate!, and washed a 
massive load of normal clothes plus changed all
the towels. I am literally out of drying room
in the basement lol. Changed table cloth too...I keep
forgetting to do that more lol.

I made ham/potato/green bean/feta soup for supper,
it was pretty good. Had a good Skype with my folks.

So that's about what's up. I did the grocery
list already for next month's restock and all..have to
put down pizza...always forget the 2 for 2 euro cheapo
pizza from Prisma lol.

I did some dishes tonight, Spenser went to bed
early. He had some panic attacks this evening.

I'm kind of stressing about lots we have to do, and
an appointment I can't miss towards the end of 
March. I'm like what if I get noro or I'm sick? AHHHH.
I need to relax man...stress isn't good for me (or
anyone for that matter).

So if anyone wants to throw a prayer our way, we'd
appreciate it. Thanks! :) It's going to be a loooong
week I think and I feel it lol.

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