Thursday, February 23, 2017

Around the house...

Fell in love with this at Viiri Market in
Klaukkala. I can see my characters in
my books riding around in this.

Spenser measured my butt by the way, and
I take up 3/4 of the seat lmao! :D

I got a big ole butt!

It's been a bit since I've updated on what
we've done. 

I don't remember much about Tuesday. Oh yeah,
we just basically relaxed after all the stuff going on
on Monday. It was a zone out and watch tv day :) lol 
I did change out towels and washed laundry.
Wednesday was a pretty busy day. I cooked
a bunch ahead. I made curry cauliflower soup in
a big batch and nakki kastike with mashed potatoes.

I also made ham green bean impossible pie and it was 
GOOD. It's better to use homemade wheat knock off
Bisquick and all, it's okay gluten free but loses
it's "mmm childhood" taste :D

We had to hurry to the mall but the
shopping went okay.  We had a HUGE
blizzard descend at evening. It was pretty bonkers.

We watched lots of tv. I took a break
from doing laundry. 

I did call my old eye doctor and the nurse
and I got very mixed up lol. I have to get my
old files from 2014 for the new doctor.
Thursday has been good but busy!

Spenser made music, I did two 
loads of laundry. I cleaned off the snow
from the cars and our porches this morning. It was
nasty wet snow that compacted on the broom, just

We got showers and headed out. Got the car for a good
chunk of time today!

We ate at Hesburger for lunch, it was good. We walked
around and sat a bit in Jumbo. TONS of adorable babies :D.

 I love them in their big snow suits with tiny 
clonky boots :D  Yes I'm ovulating, yes I cried
watching Steve Irwin's son being all grown up
on a clip on Youtube. lol

We went to Viiri Market (it's a cheap haunt lol)
and I found vintage Easter cards for 30 cents each! WHOO!
I got them and it's enough for our 30,000 relatives
and friends lol.

We stopped at Tarjoustalo and I got some good
sales. Citymarket at Jumbo had great sales too!

Sales stickers! I got meals for .70 cents each (blue things),
grill sausage for a euro, and the two nuggets for 2 
euros, and the two hotdogs for .70 euro cents each too! 

Sweet potatoes were on for .99 cents a kilo, I 
got two for 1.20 euros. I got bread 50% off (50 cent loaf)
and I got hotdog buns for 1 euro! 

I stocked up the freezer for next month already.

Speaking of next month, ever feel like
this when you're trying to budget with a small
income? lol


I worked on the grocery list for a good
couple of hours (oh juggling stuff between
months, hurrah lol) and it went okay. March is
turning to be busy and we're not even there yet lol.

We watched tv and just rested. Spenser had a bunch
of panic attacks today, poor guy. 

While he cleared snow I cleaned up for
Sabbath. Shook out rugs and swept a bit and
dustmopped. We're good with food and 
the bathroom can survive a week without
a tidying so we're good :) lol

So it's been a busy day today. Oh yeah! The
doctor called when we were out. He said
he can mail me the info. He seemed a bit
sad we had switched doctors but it wasn't
my choice. What the public healthcare pays
for, I go to lol. I'm poor :P lol

So that's about what's up here. I hope you
all out there have a great weekend! :)


  1. Congrats for the deals! God provides :-)

    Was the carriage for sale or just a show piece?

    1. Thanks! :D It was a blessing. He surely does! :D Next month we need all the help we can get lol.

      Oh it was for sal! I think like 3100 euros? It's expensive but I love it :D


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