Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Around the house...

Happy Valentines' to everyone
out there!

Sofie stopped by today! :) I caught
her and she stopped for a picture. Aw,
 I have missed seeing my fur baby. She 
was too busy and ran off back to her nest..
no time for human mama :D lol 

She was licking moisture from the tree
before lol. The old camera is hard to get
a good non-fuzzy photo. It's getting old.

Monday was pretty okay. I went to
the dermatologist and it was my old
doctor I hadn't seen since 2015! Nice to
catch up and see an old familiar face :).

Key points: My chronic
irritated throat is snoring, not GERD.

He showed me how to take care of
my warts at home. (foot warts)

He gave me a different rosacea medicine.

I DON"T have rosacea in my eyes!

I DO have eczema in my ears! I THOUGHT
so! I was right last year and the dermatologist wasn't.
He looked in and was like, yep. No biopsy needed!

I have been pulling large chunks of skin from the
outer canal for years, surprise, it's eczema! So I
got some ear drops (steroids again..ALL my meds
are steroids) and I use them for a couple weeks
at a time.

Poop thing, our medicine copay (as you will)
changed in 2017 to save Finland money..(I'll
keep my opinion to myself) so NONE of my
meds were covered. It's all out of pocket and I
can't afford it. My chemo cream,
steroid cream, and steroid ear drops are all
out of pocket. That stuff is specialty and
the price racks up.

How I feel :


We got some sandwiches for lunch
and then did some grocery shopping (thanks!).

It was a pretty quiet afternoon if I remember. We
kind of rested and all. I skipped doing any chores.

Today (Tuesday) has been pretty
okay. We don't really celebrate holidays
much anymore.

I did a big ole clean session. I vacuumed
the bedroom and changed all the sheets/duvet
covers. I REALLY hate duvet covers lol.

Spenser went for a walk, I vacuumed
the rest of the apartment. It wasn't too bad. I
used the duster I bought and man alive, lots
of dust bunnies lol!

Spenser came when I was dustmopping. I
in all did 4 loads of laundry today. I literally
ran out of drying room in the basement lol.

We sat around until 2pm when we finally
got a ride and went to the pharmacy, got
my ear drops. They burned a bit at first
but I feel they're already helping.

We went grocery shopping after
that. We stopped by Lidl too and then
came home.

Spenser had a ton of panic attacks
today so it wasn't super whoo time. Poor
guy, it just happens like that.

We came home and watched tv until it was
supper time. We picked up cheap microwave
burgers and that was that.

We had called yesterday to get an appointment
time for Spenser at his therapist to see what's
up after the crap out with the day program.

Turns out we got the letter on Friday and no
one bothered to let us know lol. I was like uhhh. Well
he goes in March and I go a couple days later
to see why I have internal pelvic pain (oy).

So that's good info to know. Not much going on
elsewise. I do have some pictures :).

We had some freezing frost. It was nuts
to see every pine needle covered.

Super frosty!

Beautiful sunset a couple days ago.

Wood carving at Viiri Market. 

Owl..what I saw though...

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