Sunday, February 12, 2017

Around the house...

Been a weirdish weekend but 

Friday we had a good Skype, it
was pretty quiet if I remember. I 
had a bunch of dishes to wash so
I did that. I skipped laundry since
it was Sabbath.

Saturday was okay, but Spenser
and I had lots of anxiety...too much
in depth conversing and all that great stuff.

Sunday has been okay. Spenser and his dad
went out for a morning walk to talk
about everything. 

Spenser had woken me up at 430am so I'm
kind of out of it today. I used the time they were
exercising to cook ahead a bunch: ham soup,
chicken vege couscous, and side veges. 

I have a medical appointment on Monday
so I needed some food ready for that.

We ate pizza for lunch and watched tv.
 We got out for a bit and came home. Spenser
made music and I goofed online. I washed laundry
and due to some issues, had to move all my
linens stored downstairs.

 Prayed for a situation
and God gave me a good one. I'm quite
happy where I've located the sheets and stuff I use :).

Spenser and his youtube friend chatted on the
phone a bit. He went to bed and I did dishes,
and read online about just random stuff.

So that's about it here. Tomorrow I have an 
early appointment at the skin clinic and 
hopefully whatever afterwards.

Oh and of course, Spenser's brother
showed up on Saturday and it was just
plum awkward after all the rape telling. Seriously,
like Isaiah, a lodge in the desert lol!

I spent a good time laughing at Robin
Williams standup on Youtube lol. LOL that his "Viagra" video and you'll
get it lol. 

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