Monday, February 6, 2017

Around the house...

Things are a bit calmer
here, but still dealing with
our feelings about last Friday. Processing
emotions takes time, especially for me and
Spenser :).

The feeling after you've had chocolate
and way too much coffee or caffinated
soda lol

The weekend we basically just
chilled, had pretty quiet times. I can't
remember what we did. I remember I cooked
a bunch Sunday and we had a nice drive.

Spenser had a heart to heart with his folks
on Saturday I think. He told them about the rape
stuff with me, updated them about the situations
going on. I'm okay with it. I haven't seen anyone since
lol. I'm hiding in my cave.

Today was been okay minus poor Spenser
having tons of panic attacks :( Poor guy.  He
had insomnia issues too.

We didn't get up until 930am, got our showers
and ate lunch. We went back to bed and 
rested/napped until well past 1pm. 

We joined a mental health club! :) It
was a nice experience, very nice and down
to earth people. Spenser had a panic attack
there and everyone was just like...uh huh. It's there
if he wants to go. I can go too but I'm so 
anti social it's nuts.

So that's about it. We ate supper and
watched a bunch of tv. I did a load of
dishes tonight and washed a load of
laundry earlier.

So that's it here. I hope y'all are good. Here
are some pics.

Moved the feeder so Spenser won't
get woken up birds. Loki and Buford found it
already. Poor Sofie was looking for bread and
 I forgot to put some out for her. :( I'll
put some out.

It is -12C here or's COLD.

Sparrows probably in January. 

The Christmas plant still lives! First
plant I haven't killed. I named it
Cletus T. Plant lol. I'm from Georgia,
SOMETHING has to named Cletus lol.


  1. So GOOD to hear from you! :-)

    Poisenttias are impossible to kill, so it is a safe and thrifty choice :-)

    1. Thanks! Sorry I've been late emailing you and replying. been an interesting week all over again lol!

      Good! :D I am glad to know that lol :D I kill most flowers in like a week lol!


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