Monday, February 20, 2017

A Day in the Life of me...with pictures :P

6 something am

Spenser was awake, I went
to the bedroom so I could sleep more
and he made music.


Woke up and ate breakfast.

820 am

Spenser went on a walk and I took
my meds. 


laundry needed folding, bad.

I noticed the floor was scuzzy, time for

I also filled the humidifier and got
stuff laid out for lunch.

8:45 am

Done with homemaking. I read the
Bible, got Psalm 78.


Got shower after Spenser, got 
started on lunch.

 Got started on SOS

Comfort food.

We ate lunch around 950am. 
It was early but I had my fysio
time for my foot! I wanted to have
my brain working so I ate early and
so did Spenser.

1050am, Spenser's dad takes me to
the hospital. We had a nice talk! 

Yente issues on why we didn't have
 a car..but I'll leave that for another day :).

So I get inside the hospital.

From the waiting area towards the 

I called Spenser and we talked until they
called me. I love the auditorium seating 
here lol. Don't look fat friendly for sure lol!

So that's my good leg. It is pretty
straight (minus my crap line) and you
don't see much of my foot.

DAMN. I mean come on, that's pretty insane how
much my gait is off with my left foot.

Basically my left heel does nothing from what
the fysio therapist said. It's supposed to slightly rotate
when I walk and it does zilch. The therapist took
this picture to show me, I was like darn.

I also have REALLY tight muscles. She did a 
massage to loosen the tightness in the calf muscles.
She took this roller thingie and y'all, I was about
asleep. I'm thankful I didn't fart I was so relaxed lol!

She was like did it hurt? I was like nope, hadn't been
that relaxed in like...months. I had super spaghetti
legs walking though lol. It helped with the pain a bunch.

So that's also why my knees are bad, from the knee
below all the muscles are compensating for my
fudged up heel bone not working. Hence, plantar

So darn. I have exercises and an appointment in
3 weeks.

She was really nice and no "fat" commentary! Thank
you Jesus! (We talked about weight but she was 
respectful and all.) that was about it. Finally Yente returned
with the car and Spenser came and picked me up!

We went to Jumbo. Candy was on sale
since it's ski vacation week and yes, I
bought some lol. :D Had a good trip. Not
too many teenagers which was nice.

Next we drove to Viiri Market and got
tennis balls on sale for my foot. DON"T
use spiky hard balls on plantar F, bad idea.
Tennis ball are better. 

I had and the therapist thinks I had 
an infection from the way I described it :S

Also checked out bargain basement :D I
love this place.

We went to Tarjoustalo and 
then came home. It was like 3pm
at this time. Spenser picked me up around 12:10pm.

So we get home and decided we want to go
out again. Spenser had some anxiety attacks
today so we drove a loooong way to
Selki, had a nice trip.

We've had snow off and on all day.

We checked around the thrift store,
nothing really jumped at me. 

We got me cheese poofs and got
croissants for a snack on the way home
from Lidl.

We came home, it was like 430pm.

We watched tv, talked with my folks,
and then ate supper around 6 pm.

Mmm nuke food lol :D It was good though.


Spenser headed to bed and I did
a small load of dishes.


My evening usually concludes with
a glass of "poop juice", my fiber mixed
with juice so I don't puke it up. 

That's about it! :) I skipped laundry since
it had been a BUSY day and my foot hurts from
all the stuff. 

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