Monday, January 30, 2017

My oh my what a crappy night..

So I had a dream where I lost
my Dad, and my sis and Mom
and I were searching for him. Found him!
We were outside of some old castle in
Finland though.

Had another dream where we
were all asleep in Mom and Dad's bed,
but we were as big as we are now lol. :D 
Like when you're little and bombard your
parents in the morning :D 

I woke up crying at 5am. I don't mean
like a bit of tears, I mean full on snorting
crying that could wake the dead. I cried so hard
 I got a migraine and hyperventilated. So yeah...
the joys of homesickness and PMS at the 
same time.

By the way, don't have a paper bag
while you hyperventilate? Hold your
breath. I had to Google about hyperventilating
while hyperventilating lol.

I took migraine pills and laid down for an hour,
feel a bit better. I've cried so much my eyes are
swollen and look like I'm punched in the face lol.

It was about homesickness but it was also
about the awful crap in America right now. People
are separated from their families for 90 days. It
breaks my heart. Under different circumstances
that could of been me and Spenser.

I prayed last night and this morning. I pray
it gets fixed and I pray this blight shows and
brings to light the issues of immigration 
people have to face all over the world :(.

God can use horrible circumstances
for good. I trust in that. 

Now to get a shower later on and eat 
leftover pizza. I'm not doing squat today.


  1. Thinking of you over there. So sorry to hear about this homesickness right now- I can only imagine - you are in my prayers-
    Sorry to see all the stuff happening down south right now - it seems very divided- so hard

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the prayers! It's doing a bit better but it's just all the stress. Gotta love it :P lol It's okay, thanks! It is. I just wish everyone could love their fellow man and we'd have world peace...I'm a hippie I guess lol! Thanks again!


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