Monday, January 9, 2017

Menu Monday...

That feeling when you have a brand new 
menu plan to try out and it all goes to hell
in one day lol. Just roll with it lol.

We had pizza today for lunch and we
bought potato chicken meals for 1 euro each today.

I will devour the chocolate muffins in the
cabinet for the monthly is nigh. All I need
is my crying session and we're good lol.

Menu plans

Gluten free ham and vege soup, leftovers

gluten free rice n eggs (finnish recipe), 
nakki sauce GF with taters (finnish recipe)

GF ham pasta (or some other meat) with veges, leftovers

gluten free chicken fried rice, leftovers

fishsticks and veges

gluten free chicken curry with rice or DTD

ham and egg tacos (tomorrow), pulled pork from
a can or ramen noodles 

The new system I'm using is:

Finnish recipes
GF pasta

vegetarian or easy

Decide that Day x2

It'll hopefully help me expand what we 
eat more. :) 

Thanks for stopping by! Visit Menu Monday 
for more menus!


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