Monday, January 23, 2017

Menu Monday..

Made my first gluten free impossible
pie yesterday! :) We don't have anything like
that in Finland so I had to make my own 
frugal bisquick, came out okay! :) 

This was lunch today. It was good! Leftovers
and the sweet potato was thawed.

Monday we had leftover GF hotdog pie with veges,
and microwaveable burgers for supper.

I have to cook ahead for some medical appointments
so we'll see what's up this week :). Flexible is important!

GF chicken vege soup, leftovers

nuggets with veges, fishsticks with veges

ham couscous with veges, leftovers

Decide that Day x2

GF ham or chicken impossible pie w/ veges, leftovers

GF chicken heated in oven with thawed oven
veges, leftovers

If you can make your own or have
bisquick, look up impossible pies. They are GREAT.

Thanks for visiting and check out Menu Monday
for more menus!

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