Monday, January 2, 2017

Menu Monday...

Happy New Year folks!

My menu is from Sunday - Sunday. Sabbath ;)

We had GF BBQ hotdogs and leftover veges for lunch and
we had GF rice microwave meals on Sunday night. 

Today was a shopping day so we had take out
for lunch (mmm fish sandwich meal from Hesburger)
and then we had half/off microwave meals I 
found today for supper.

GF meals

liver box with green beans

nakki sauce with taters and carrots

chicken rice with veges (curry, maybe not)

ham and vege soup  x 2

Decide that Day

Wheat meals


fishsticks and taters with carrots

chicken vege couscous with feta x2 

frozen pizza

decide that day

tuna melts with fruit

Thanks for stopping by and make sure
to check out other menus at Menu Monday

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