Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I was on muscle relaxers and body parts in a bag Story!

Talked about this with my Mom on
Skype, it's too good not to share. YES
it's true all the way lol. I have a weird life.

So it was Monday or Tuesday, I
had a car wreck on that Sunday. My
left arm was messed up and I had pretty
bad whiplash. This was 2002 spring when I
was graduating in a month and Spenser was
coming over soon :D

They gave me pretty strong muscle relaxers
and pain killers for my whiplash. I got a
prescription so I was supposed to take these for 
awhile. They made me STONED..well what I guess
is stoned, I've never done drugs. I was OUT of it
and insanely calm lol. I fell asleep sitting up
in french class for 90 minutes.

So we had human anatomy and it was
some *great* decision we'd go check out
a university in metro ATL that had a 
autopsy place so the med students could
learn about the human body.

So we ride in the good old USA cheese
wagon school buses and I'm super stoned
from the muscle relaxers. I was sitting with my
friend Kristen. 

The school was nice, it was a pretty cool day.
They bring us to a place to show us an introduction
video. The guy who founded it had CRAZY eyebrows
and the two guys who always sat behind us in class
started making bad jokes. I'm cutting up and we all start
laughing since it was a whacked out video.

We walk around, take a mini tour of the campus. We stop
by the gift shop and Brit decides to buy 3 almond mounds
bars. WHY does a college with a dead body department
have a gift shop? No idea. So Brit is chowing down
on these chocolates and the teacher gives her a look.

We take a bit more of a tour and then bham! dead people
lab. The smell gets you first. It's like rotten soy sauce,
just nasty. It's a room full of preserved corpses so
it wouldn't smell good of course.

Even me in my high state was like UGH
at the smell. I had grape chapstick and split 
it with Kristen. She smelled the cap I put some
in, I smelled the chap stick. 

So the smell hits Brit and next thing you know,
the back door is open and she's barfing. I mean
like from the knees up just HURLING. Wes is
holding her hair back (they're still married btw)
and she's just throwing up. 

That doesn't help the ambiance of the matter. So
there's a naked old dead lady and you can see 
her genitals. Hence the two guys making bad
jokes again. So we're laughing and the teacher
and dead guy instructor is annoyed. Ever tried laughing
and not inhaling dead pickled people smell? It's hard.

So next comes out the duffel bag of random
body parts. I'm not kidding. There is a leg and the
skin is removed, you can see the knee implant.
Some other stuff. It was REALLY stinky.

Brit and Wes were in the lobby getting air. So
after all that, we went to the newest mall. Everyone
was quesy. Except me. I was still REALLY high
and hungry. I wanted Chinese. So we ate Chinese. 

Then I had a huge cookie sandwich.

Then we came back to school :D 

We had to talk about what we wanted to do,
I said EMT. Me, work in an ambulance?
Non-medicated me HATES gore and plus I'm
emetophobic lol. So...noooooo.

So never think of what career you want
while you're hopped up on muscle relaxers 
and painkillers :D lol 


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