Monday, January 16, 2017

Eddie Long has passed...

For most of my readers that'll mean nothing,
but from someone who grew up in the
suburbs of Atlanta, it's kind of a whoa.
2010 was a strange year for lots of
religious reasons. 
We had the pastor of
Church in the Now (or 6 Flags over Jesus
as my sister's friend called it)
come out as gay. The church tanked membership after
that. It disbanded and now some
other Church has the property. We drive by it on the way
to Conyers to do any shopping.

There was the scandal of Bishop Eddie Long all
over the news. We had been gone almost 2 years 
overseas and when we landed this was all over the news. 
It was all settled out of court but they too lost members
of the church.

Last time I had seen Eddie Long he was wrapped up
in a Torah on stage and carried off by some guys while
sitting in a chair. Didn't give much thought after that.

Before all this we had the Church of Prayer in ATL.
That was sad stuff. I remember they would bring underage
girls over the border to marry in Alabama.

Atlanta/ Metro has seen more than it's fair share of
controversy in the past years.  Then again I only paid
attention since it was where I'd grown up.

Man...the stuff that happens in under 20 years.

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