Thursday, January 5, 2017

Around the house...*long post*

Been a looong week..basically a week of Mondays lol.

Actually Monday was really great. We felt well,
slept well, and went restocking. I got a GREAT deal
on many things, this was best!


I'm growing my hair out and saw a 6 pack of headbands 
for 5 euros, half off! I've gotten lots of compliments, I love
they are for kids but fit me fine lol. :D 

We had a really great day, it was a blessing. Things
started to go downhill that night.

Tuesday stunk. Spenser had some anxiety issues
and stuff I'd rather not dive into but it was pretty
stressful and it was one of those days you just
grit your teeth and get through the day. We did
get out and have Starbucks.

Wednesday. What a turd in the Titanic. I mean. Dude.....

It was COLD. 1F or -17C. Like you go outside and your
face freezes instantly. Spenser had to do the yard, I
cleaned off our porches, fed the squirrel/birds, and
cleaned off the cars of the blizzard snow.

Plus side I did dishes, swept the apartment
with a broom and dustmopped, and did laundry.

I had my second (and last it seems) visit
with the sex therapist. It was about my anger and
frustration at how vulvodynia affects my everyday life.  
She said it's okay that I'm angry and I have reason to be. 

I said everywhere I go, people yell MUSTALAINEN 
or stare/point at me. It's because I can't wear pants
and because of my dark coloring, people think I'm Roma.
Security guards follow me around..etc. :/ She said it's 
wrong that they judge and it's does.

For instance today:

My skirt got stuck in the escalator AGAIN at Jumbo.
 I wrote them to fix the darn teeth guards please and
guess not! People were pointing and like "if you
didn't wear skirts that wouldn't happen". Do I have
to scream?


Not helping, thanks for pointing that out. I don't know,
the grease won't come out and I am thinking of just chunkin
the skirt or hemming it..but I am tired.

Why can't I sit in a chair like a normal person? I have to have
an internal diode in my crotch for hours due to painful vulvodynia.
I have to cream this, put on that. I'm TIRED of it all. 

So it was a hard emotional visit for me and of course, the
rape therapy people never called me back. NO ONE DOES. I
know limited resources and stuff...but jeez louise. Not really
a phone call I want to repeat, again.

So we come home and chill, and talk. Spenser thinks I'm
fighting with him when I'm just really 
agitated at everything. *sigh*

We go do some banking. For the first time, 
I can log in and check
my medical records, etc. 

WHAT THE HELL? I was told NO two years ago when I 
did the sleep study. 

Guess that's a talk with the GP. ???

Also I was diagnosed one of my therapists..


Today has been okay but I'm in *avoid the #@$ out of
everyone and don't respond to sh!t* so I'm being super
introverted today.

Found out I'm not entitled to a reimbursement because
I have specialty meds :/. I'm like okay..good to know for
the future.

 The other car wouldn't start it was so cold today. Spenser
had to charge the battery and that took almost 2 hours. We finally
got out with the other car but it was late and I was tired. 

The skirt incident happened, I was pretty chill about it though. 

We watched a bunch of tv and just were quiet/resting. There
is a NASTY flu going on here. We had the flu shots but it's
mutating (news even said) so it's everywhere.

 I did more dishes tonight, cleaned up
the bathroom a bit, and dustmopped again. Sabbath
cleaning done. Tomorrow I'll cook lightly in
the morning but that's about it..hopefully. Have Spenser
take out the trash and I'll do laundry.

FINALLY found a cute tablecloth affordably! It
was 3 euros.

Pretty sunset.

Have a good weekend out there everyone!



  1. That is a crappy week. You should move to Canada :) We're so polite no one comments on how people dress. I wear dresses all the time and get compliments and guys hold doors and all sorts of gentlemanly behaviour. Hope you avoid the flu and have a much better week.

    1. Thanks! It was pretty gnarley. I hope (and pray) next week is better. I agree lol! Spenser and I have talked about moving to Canada if it was possible, it's like America and Europe had a wonderful baby! :D Thanks! :) We've avoided the worst hopefully and the rest of the week has been pretty okay. Thanks! :)


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