Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Around the house...

Well I got more sleep last night, whoo!
I'm still super pooped today, I did
a bunch of stuff.

I washed all our sheets and pillow
cases. I got tired of the dusty tv so I
dusted a wee bit. I swept with the broom
and dustmopped.  I changed out towels
and cleaned the bathroom.

I still have to fold a TON
of laundry. I'm debating about washing
the blankets we use on the 
couch. I should change the sheet
that covers the couch too..but these are
way less priority. 

lol his impression of a hot dog :D I still
miss Robin Williams SO much...find myself 
wanting to know when his new movie comes out
and I've forgotten he's passed away. Grieves me
still. In many years of my deepest depression
his movies got to me. 

I was obsessed with bird cage as a kid. I 
was like oh, two men love each other. Okay.
And that's that lol. I guess God had me set
on a liberal path of my life ever since lol! :D

Got off track blogging lol :D

I made chicken couscous (double batch)
for supper and I made a big batch of ham soup
for lunch. It was good. We watched some tv.

We got out around Sello mall...got a bit of candy
and drove around. Came home and had coffee.

Tomorrow maybe we'll restock (depends)
and Thursday I have my first rape therapy
visit! :) Hopefully that goes well and we
can find parking..Finland has the WORST
parking ever.

So I hope y'all out there are doing well. Keep
your heads up and keep the faith! We all need it!

I am pasty white but I will always yell

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