Saturday, January 28, 2017

Around the house..

Blah, I'm listening to depressing
music. Remember my very first blog
in 2009 called Road Not Taken (long deleted)?
I remember listening to Shadarobah and
Sting lots back then. 

Me reading CNN today. Goodness 
gracious. I don't do politics on my blog but
man's getting interesting in the 
USA and NOT in a good way.

So on Sabbath I had an ovarian
cyst decide to pop. It's been a really
long time so I was like CRAP when I felt
the "band of pain" and then some blood. Ugh.
Just feel awful. It's better today though thankfully.

Word lol.

Today has been tough. I was cooking this
morning and such a bad pain in my heel/foot
that I couldn't put any weight on it. It's been bugging
me off and on. It was bad tonight I almost ripped the
cabinet pull off, gripping onto it for dear life. If this
keeps up I'll have to go to the GP on Monday :/.

Me today


Onto a lessing ranting of a note, here's
a gif I made of Gabe :D

Is 5 years younger than you cradle
robbing? *cough* lol

After a Sabbath of resting, today I got quite
a bit done. Probably one reason my foot is like DIE.

I did a huge load of laundry, cooked ahead rice
for supper and froze some. I cooked the sweet
potato we bought and mashed it, froze it. I 
also made homemade tuna pineapple pizza,
 it was GOOD!

I went through and took inventory of
what I need to restock next week. I made next 
week's menu and on Sabbath I forgot, went
through and updated all the medical paperwork
for Spenser and I.

So that's up. We did a bit of shopping too.

Hope y'all are having a good week out there!

Word lol

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